Tides Foundation Contribution Transmittal Form

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This form is used to inform Tides of your intended gift.  By completing this form it allows Tides to more quickly process your incoming contribution upon receipt.  If you do not complete this form it may result in significant delays in processing your contribution.  Please follow further instructions based on the type of transfer selected below.
Tides still requires collection of your name and contact information for processing payments. Checking this box means your name will not be provided to the recipient of your donation.
Enter your email address if you would like to receive the contribution transmittal instructions via email upon submission of this form.
Expected day of transmission of donation.
ACH or Wire Details
Bank Name:  Wells Fargo Bank
Account Name: Tides Foundation - Depository Account
Bank Address: 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104
ABA: 121000248
Account #: 4518101969
Please use the instructions above to initiate an ACH or wire transfer with your bank.

Electronic Fund Transfer of Securities
EFT Detail

Institution Name: US Bank, N.A., Trust
Address:   US Bank Tower Cincinnati
425 Walnut St 5th Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202 
DCT Participant Account: 2803
Account Name: 1022-TF
For Credit to Account: TF-1001-3
Institution or Bank ID: 26645
Please use the instructions above to initiate a EFT or securities transfer with your financial institution.
Cryptocurrency Donations (Transfer to one of the following wallets):
Tides is able to accept all cryptocurrencies available on the Kraken platform. If you are interested in transferring a cryptocurrency either unavailable on the Kraken platform or not listed here, please contact investmentaccounting@tides.org.
Cryptocurrency detail

Please use the donation address(s) listed above to when initiating your cryptocurrency transfer.
Check Donations
Make checks payable to "Tides Foundation"
For Regular Mail:
Tides Foundation
P.O. Box 399389
San Francisco, CA  94139‐9389
For Express Mail (FedEx/UPS): 
Lockbox Services Box #399389
Tides Foundation
3440 Walnut Avenue, Bldg A, Window H
Fremont, CA 94538
Please Note:
It is recommended to do a wire transfer as opposed to a check if sending from outside the United States due to possible long delays caused by customs.

ACAT Transfers
Download the ACAT Transfer form here.
1 Fill in "Current Trustee","Transfer Instructions", and "Asset Listing" sections.
2. To submit the form, email the form to investmentaccounting@tides.org without signing.   The form is to be signed by Tides.

Real Estate
Download the "Guide to Gifts of Real Estate" form here
Please contact dschrayer@tides.org, investmentaccounting@tides.org or your advisor if you have any questions.

Tax Receipt will be sent to donor upon receipt of donation. If not received, please email us at TFaccountsreceivable@tides.org.